Founder Team

Ashok Mehra

Managing Director

At Asiapower, there is a simple philosophy at work; clients are not our audience, but our success partners, and in their growth, lies our growth. So wherever they are, we are always in search of opportunities that will make them succeed in their respective professions.

Times are changing. In this race of evolution, we have changed our corporate identity to reflect our new age goals, powered by the age-old ethics.

Anita Mehra


The secret ingredient to success is the right attitude! The attitude you have towards your work is what provides the first step on your journey to success! At Asiapower, we are passionate, disciplined and committed towards our work. Everyday brings new challenges and we take it head on. We thirst for it, we crave it! This is the result for having the right person for the right job. This is what keeps us ahead of the competition and always a winner.

Vishal Mehra


To stay competitive in today's global market, an effort must be made to address work/life issues. Challenges such as work schedules, time concerns, gaining administrative support, meeting family needs and work expectations are becoming increasingly more complex for employees throughout the world.

Reason, why we invest time, money and ideas for the betterment of our employees. Be it through flexible work schedules, job sharing, vacations, innovative HR initiatives and lots more. At Asiapower, we have taken these steps to make sure that each one of us gives their 100% and you reap the benefits.